Important Question Answer for Computer

  1. SMS full form  ::-  Short Message Service

SMS is a mode of sending and receiving short messages from one phone to another .

2. What is Full Form of 3G.  ::- Third Generation of mobile telephony technology.

3. Multimedia Messaging is also known as ::-  Picture messaging.

4. In TDMA -T stand for ::- Time.

TDMA :- Time – division multiple access is a channel access method for shared-medium networks. It allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the single into different time slots.

5. Which technology is used to connect subscriber to nearest telephone exchange through using radio link . ::- WLL

WLL :- Wireless local loop is the use of the wireless communications link as the “last mile/first mile” connections for delivering plain old telephone service or Internet access to telecommunication customer.

6. CDMA uses which waves ::- Electromagnetic waves

7.  Which is the world most widely used cell phone technology ::-  GSM.

8. 4G stand for ::- Fourth Generation 

4G is the wireless technology is also referred by “MAGIC” which stands for mobile multimedia, any-where, Global mobility solution over integrated wireless and customized service. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile networking technology .

it carries on from mobile technology of 3G and 2G. compared with 3G , the 4G networks are very good. Premium 4G provides download speeds of about 14 Mbps , which is almost five times faster than that provided by its predecessor , the 3G network , currently 4G network can reach speeds as high as 150 Mbps, enabling users to download gigabytes of data in minutes or even seconds ,

9. CDMA stand for ::-  Code division multiple access is a sort of multiplexing that facilities various signals to occupy a single transmission channel . It optimizes the use of available bandwidth. The technology is commonly used in ultra high frequency (UHF) . Cellular telephone system, bands ranging between the 800-MHz and 1.9-GHz.

10. What is GPRS :-  GPRS stand for General Packet Radio system is also known as GPRS is a 3 rd generation step towards Internet access. GPRS is also known as GSM-IP that is a the global system mobile communication Internet Protocol . 

as it keeps the user of this system Online allows to make voice call , and access Internet on the go. Even time division multiple access users benefit from this system as its provide packet radio access.

GSM full form ::- Global system for mobile communication.

First generation.
First generation was introduced in 1980 and was based on narrow band analogue cellular technology. It
user cut circuit switching and only boys school over available. It use radio waves for transmission first
generation use CDMA code division multiple access. Each user was allocated a unique code sequence.
The Xander and encoded the signals using the given code. The receiver also had the unique code and
use it to decode the data. Second generation was introduced in 1990s. And based on GSM technology. It
is used circuit switching but providing paging, SMS, voicemail and fax services GSM. Is a combination of
FDMA and TDMA. SIM card are interchangeable models which stores subscriber and wireless provider
GSM is a combination of. Fdm and TDM.
Second generation was based on GSM technology.

SIM or intangible module which is true subscriber and wireless provider information.
3G and 4G.
3G is a 3 rd , 3 rd generation of wireless and mobile technology. 3G stand for generation 3G network reach
to MB PS it’s computer announcement over PBS wireless technologies like high speed Transmissions,
advanced multimedia access and global roaming. 3G is mostly used with mobile phone and handset
means to connect the phone. To the Internet 3G allow connection over other IP network in order to
make voice and video calls. To download and upload data and push off JioNet 4G in the 4 th generation of
wireless service. Which refer to the next waves of high speed mobile technology. That will be used to
replace current 3G network. 4G wireless network. His next step of 3G, which is currently the most
widespread high speed wireless service.
3G allow connections with other network. With Internet. Protocol.

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